#165/365 – A bad day…


I finally got around to some real progress on some home improvements today… it was one of those good day/bad day experiences!

  • Deck timber finally arrived – GOOD DAY…
  • Guy dumped it in the drive making driveway impossible to enter or exit – BAD DAY!!!
  • I managed to clear it out of the way – GOOD DAY…
  • But not before a huge amount of it fell on my foot – BAD DAY!!!
  • We finally sorted out a hole in the ceiling for our new attic stairs – GOOD DAY…
  • The stairs fell down as we were installing them, hurting my friend’s elbow and shoulder – BAD DAY!!!
  • He was ok – and we fixed the stairs again – GOOD DAY…
  • They slammed shut on my fingers, cutting my pinky and letting me see bones without an x-ray – BAD DAY!!!
  • Grant took me to A&E to get all fixed up and MY WIFE was on duty at the hospital and hooked me up with great care – GOOD DAY…
  • I now have to go back in the morning for surgery – BAD DAY!!!
  • I get to take an interesting pic and blog about it!!! – GOOD DAY!!!
  • I have to type with one hand – BAD DAY!!!

I found out that I have had 2 submissions accepted for an exhibition over the Auckland Photography Festival – GREAT DAY!!!


4 thoughts on “#165/365 – A bad day…

  1. I love the post! Very well summed up. Sucks about your finger. Hope its all okay by the 16-18th!

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