#175/365 – Bike Meeting


This month the Flickr group I meet with every now and then in Auckland is having a monthly assignment on “Urban to the City” – this month we have to put together a SERIES of images – not just a single image, and judging is based on the group of images – not just the individual photos… This was one of mine, and the description to accompany is below:

The A L O N E / C R O W D E D Paradox

“When you’re aloneAnd life is making you lonely,You can always go downtownWhen you’ve got worries,All the noise and the hurrySeems to help, I know, downtown”The city for me is a paradoxical place to appreciate. I grew up in Central Otago, and the space I grew up with was something that I took for granted. Fast Forward many years and I lived in London and traveled to little villages like Paris, Edinburgh and Melbourne… In these places I ALWAYS feel like a small child again, finding fascination in the immensity of the city environment. I think that is why I find those moments where you discover a small place of sanctuary or solitude a complete buzz. Over the last weekend I was in Wellington and felt this paradox completely. The solitude of a late Sunday Evening, alone with a camera and tripod, juxtaposed against the busy-ness of the pre-lunch latte-rush. This series celebrates places of solitude and also contrasting crowds. I never fail to be amazed that in places with SO many people, that we still have times when we feel so lonely. I wrote a really bad song when my wife left London for 10 weeks to come back to NZ – the chorus said: Where do you go when you’re alone in London – who do you turn to? Who is your friend? – and if you stayed a while, do you think you’d get a smile – From the people on Oxford Street?

Here are the rest of the candidates 🙂


2 thoughts on “#175/365 – Bike Meeting

  1. woah al these photos are cool as! i love the wharf one and the boat shed one! (well i think theyre boat sheds.) they are uber sweet.. good job 🙂

  2. Like them a lot Al! Perfect. In fact, I think you’ve captured Wellington brilliantly here – not just Urban Centres.

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