#187/365 – Squirt


What can I say about Catherine Wynne-doodily Furnessavichski? (name changed to protect identity) When you get married, you are landed with a whole bunch of people that you never had in your life before – and I hit the Jackpot with my in-laws – they are all very lovely and a hugely important part of my life… I married a middle child of FIVE and as I am a wee bit older than Christine, I inherited 4 new younger siblings. At the end of the line is Squirt. If you think of the kind of people that you would really want in your life… you would usually list things like, Kind, Caring, Thoughtful, Talented, Active, Compassionate and Loving… Well when I inherited a little sister through marrying Christine, little did I know that I would have someone in my life that was all these things and more! 🙂 Happy Birthday Squirt… Your inherited older and mildly crazier brother thinks the world of you, and is proud that everything you put your hand to, benefits from your passion and determination to succeed! God Bless! 🙂


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