#236/365 – Thirsty?


Yip! Give me that ole’ time gospel! The one that wasn’t numbed down to achievable western churchiosity… the one that changes the world by its very nature… the one that calls me back to it time and again to measure myself up against, to find myself wanting more, and at the same time, the one that is REALLY actually quite scary if I was to totally live it out!

I am off now to spend time reflecting on what I am really thirsty for… I have a renewed energy for honesty and integrity in my life – not that I feel that I am DIShonest or questionable, but more that I set pretty high standards for myself, that I never live up to… If I write it here publicly, surely I am to be held to account? Something that I would embrace happily.Here are my top 3 things I reckon I need to work harder at in my life…

  1. Being a lovey-dovey caring Husband that puts his wife’s greatest desires well ahead of his own… I struggle in that I have so many interests and hobbies that are all important to me, but how much do I pursue this, whilst encouraging my wife to chase after her dreams and goals. She means the world to me and is an AMAZING wife and mother! We have been through many trips, trials and challenges, and triumphed over each of them. I am continually learning new things about myself through the joy of having my beautiful Christine. I don’t often get it all perfect, but I always WANT to!!! She needs a medal or something for being married to someone as chaotic as me!!! 🙂
  2. Being positive about all things in my life – Not that I am particularly a glass half-full kind of guy… but there are times where I arrogantly hold on to views and attitudes that I know don’t honour what I profess to believe in! I always need to remind myself that the world won’t actually stop for a second if I wasn’t in it…
  3. To take more opportunities to LOVE people around me and share a bit of my life with them… This could be crazy! It is easy to love those that like you, but so very difficult to extend that same consideration to those that make it a bit trickier. I want to be someone that is known for inclusiveness, encouragement and also genuine nice-guy-ness.

Hope that this doesn’t sound too introspective or intense – but I needed to blurt it out a bit! Thanks to Andy Shudall for a really convicting message this morning!!!

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