#240/365 – Flying Carpet



Mission Kids is the place where I have the joy of working with a bunch of lads and teaching them all sorts of really cool skills… Last night we took them through appropriate clothing for being out in the bush. They lapped it all up and loved my pics of the guys on a confidence course at the programme I have just returned from… There is something about risk and danger that really gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, and to see these boistrous young lads enthralled at the possibilities ahead of us was truly COOL! 🙂

What also excites me about my role with ICONZ is that there are a whole bunch of other groups doing the same kind of stuff that we are doing, ALL OVER New Zealand! How cool that boys are slowly being allowed to be boys again! I remember growing up in Central Otago, we used to do awesome things like hunting rabbits and ducks… fishing in trout-heavy waters… fishing in TroutLESS waters… building forts, treehouses and digging big holes for no other purpose than digging a big hole… The kind of activities that when you are doing them, and someone comes along and wants to join in, you have a new life-long friend because in that moment, you share everything that is important in life… hole-digging! I love that kind of “place” to be… we all wander around trying to find the right “head-space” and slowly watch our dreams and goals drift away into the too-hard or “I’m too grown-up” basket… what we all need to do is head outside and dig a jolly big hole!!! Bring your own shovel, or do as we did, and find a big stick, a shoe, or a small friend to dig with! 🙂

Who would have thought that all that time ago, I would have been starting a life-long journey of digging big holes for myself?! It was easier when the were in the ground, and not in the awkward silence!


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