#259/365 – Hard at Work


Went for a lovely walk in Kingsland with Jared Noel today (here’s the complete set) – he has got a new Canon and is about to head away for a while – was good to get out and shoot with someone that has a newly acquired photography bug, and the inclination to get out and shoot the world. Jared and Hannah are about to head overseas on a bit of a holiday back-packing through Asia – I reckon they have earned it… you might remember Jared from back a few months


He is doing well now – a few things to keep an eye on, but it has not effected his determination to use what is a crazy and rubbish thing, into an opportunity to grow and stretch other people!!!


2 thoughts on “#259/365 – Hard at Work

  1. Good to see he went with a Canon 😉 DSLR or point and shoot?<br><br>I like this shot. The chef in the window makes the image and the black and white works perfectly!

  2. He went with the 500D – it will serve him very well! 🙂 He would be a great bloke for the Green Room one night when he is back… This guy is working out his relationship with Jesus through some crazy stuff, and doing an awesome job of it! 🙂

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