#282/365 – What is REALLY important

Today’s photo-of-the-day is actually a SERIES of the day… 6 photos that tell a story, and provoke me to think. If you read this on an RSS feed – can I encourage you to visit the page and leave a comment… at the end of these photos, I am going to ask you to leave a certain type of feedback, and I would dearly love your input!

Yesterday I got the kind of text message that you never hope to get… the “honey, I’ve had an accident” text… I rushed down to be with my lovely wife as she had rear-ended a couple of cars in front of her that stopped too quickly. For her efforts she received a kiss from a japanese air-bag, a $150 fine from a policeman a $100 fee from a tow-truck driver and a $300 excess to pay for the damages to the other vehicles. Christine was pretty shaken and it was a horrible context to see someone you care about have to negotiate. The shock was not slow in coming on either… the gravity of what could have been has weighed heavily on her, and we would appreciate your prayers!

Now for some photos… but then read on for how I need YOUR help!!! (and don’t worry – it’s not financial!!!)


The Airbag that kissed my wife…


Sunrise on a wreck


A mangled plate


Window where there isn’t supposed to be a window…


Light in the midst of darkness?


Last but not least… THANK GOD SHE WASN’T!!!

This brings me to the point of this whole exercise. I mentioned that this kind of thing helps you to evaluate what is important in life… and it isn’t money, power and all that stuff we are sold by the media… it’s actually more than that… We were very grateful that Emily wasn’t in the car with Christine, because it could have been a very nasty thing for her to experience!

I want to know what it is that you would treasure most if everything was stripped bare in your life… If you had to give up everything in life – what be the one thing that you absolutely COULDN’T BEAR to be without. This has been a very timely shake-up for us as we are working through a study series called One Month to Live and I am preaching in a couple of Sundays on LIVING A NO REGRETS LIFESTYLE… I wanna know what is REALLY important to you and why… leave me a comment below or e-mail me… I plan to present it in a powerpoint slide or a DVD – so please feel free to share!!! Also – encourage others to post – send the link to other people… the more the merrier!!! Use the sharing buttons below to send it out!

Thanks heaps and I look forward to hearing from you!!!


2 thoughts on “#282/365 – What is REALLY important

  1. I know deep down I should say God and my belief in Him but realistically it is my Family, Friends and Health, pretty hard to separate them.

  2. I know deep down I should say God and my belief in Him but realistically it is my Family, Friends and Health, pretty hard to separate them.

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