#322/365 – One less angel for the playground


In New Zealand we have recently been following an horrific story about a little 2-year old girl named Aisling. She disappeared a week ago from her home and for a whole week, a nation has had its’ eyes peeled, searching for this little angel. We have had facebook groups formed, ads on the TV, articles and posters at the Airport and media-circuses that, unfortunately, seem to almost erupt in situations like this. Yesterday we found out that Aisling had fallen into a storm-water drain and has drowned.

At our church, a family has also just lost their 11 year old Daughter who was also called Emily. She has battled for a long time with heart problems and has now passed away. These events challenge me to appreciate what I have, and to never take for granted the gift of health, family and hope for the future.

This evening I was playing with my Emily, who is about to turn 2 years old and LOVES playing at the playground. She loves the swings and REALLY LOVES to pretend to kick me in the bum… honestly, kids crack up at that sort of thing!!! I can’t even bring myself to think about what my world would be like without Emily in it, and even in writing this now, my tears are clouding up the screen… The joy and fulfillment that Emily brings to Christine and I is something I could never imagine NOT experiencing. Emily teaches me so much about life, and helps me to understand how much my Creator cares about me and how he loves me as a Father. She helps me understand how much my Father probably gushed over me when I was a little boy and THAT is a thought that brings much warmth as I process a lot of the stuff that happened when I was older between my father and I. After reading this out to Christine, she snuck into the room of our sleeping daughter and gave her a kiss… I hope we are all appreciating what we have in our lives!

Our country has lost another angel from our playgrounds this week… a loved and treasured part of a family has passed away far too soon. You can almost sense a tangible groaning, as our nation contemplates the gravity of a family that will not be rejoicing in finding their child safe and well. That was the story we all hoped would come to pass…

To Aisling’s Family:

There is no way that we can know or comprehend the gap that has opened up in your life through losing Aisling… No words we can say could ever even touch on making things better… I hope that the people around you let their actions speak so much louder than words, and that there are plenty of pairs of arms for you to receive the comfort and care that you will need to endure the weeks, months and years that lie ahead of you… Our prayers and thoughts are with you…


2 thoughts on “#322/365 – One less angel for the playground

  1. What's crazy is that it barely made the news in the UK. However, a Coronation Street soap actress have surgery did make it to the BBC news front page. <br><br>Go figure!

  2. What's crazy is that it barely made the news in the UK. However, a Coronation Street soap actress have surgery did make it to the BBC news front page. <br><br>Go figure!

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