#339/365 – 9 Years


9 years seems like such a huge amount of time. In 9 years I have made a career out of helping young people live good lives. I have met and married an incredible woman… I have sired a quality little offspring that rocks my world… I have seen many different places around the globe that have enriched and enhanced my life greatly… and I have missed my Dad.Tonight I shall have a sneaky little Ale to honour his memory and share some time with my family… Today is tinged with sadness, but in a little something special, tomorrow brings the Joy of celebrating Emily’s life… 2 years of joy with our little treasure!


One thought on “#339/365 – 9 Years

  1. Always you will have a wonderful, joyous person in your life and she will be an extension of the love, laughter and fellowship you shared with your dad….. he and you are so alike…. spooky sometimes….. it is testament to his personality (in his well life) that we miss him with such depth….. I miss him every day… every day! Hugs from your loving mum xxxx

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