#350/365 – In her shoes


What would I see if I was to walk in her shoes?

Last night we had a session at the Marriage Course on our family backgrounds and I remembered fondly the fun times I had with my Dad… I remember the silly faces and voices he could put on… the way he popped his mouth and made it  into a  totally recognisable tune… and I remember the silly songs he would sing to us as he tinkled away  on the Piano…

I kinda hope that Em will always see me as a hugely positive role-model. Someone that shows her how to make the world a less serious kind of place… I hope that she might one day tell her kids about the crazy stuff her dad used to do (and hopefully STILL DOES)…

Growing up is something that seems to be happening at a huge rate of knots in the Ronberg household… Emily is a whole different little tyke from when she arrived in our world and that is exciting but also pretty scary… What will she say about me one day in the distant future? I love that I can have a say in what she experiences with her Dad… The choices I make now will help her to have a hugely positive story to tell about a Dad that just loved her to bits and gave all he could to make her life the best!

Over the last year, I think I have been learning a lot too… The 365 is coming to an end, and I don’t really know if I am a better Photographer, or even if I am a better person?!?!? But what I DO know is that this year has been a blast – a time when I have grown more fond of my family and friends and a year that I have set many goals and challenges, and have managed to even knock a few off! This year has been exciting in that I have sought to make myself more a part of the world around me, and be someone that sees greatness in the ordinary every day world around me. I will leave the highlights package of my 365 and what has challenged and tested me the most until the last day… but I am sure that you would agree with me that the last year has seen many new and exciting things in my little world and I look forward to building on this with a new appreciation for all that I have and all that I hope to do with my life.


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