#351/365 – The Good Samaritan


I love my Children’s Bible – the artwork is incredible and very captivating…

I love the story of the Good Samaritan… someone that was a bit of a social outcast, saving the day… I imagine that it would be like a member of the Taliban helping the Southern Baptist that had been beaten by a bunch of Democrats or something crazy like that…

One of the things that leaps out at me the most, is the need to meet practical needs in people’s lives before jumping in and smacking them over the head with your KJV (actually, there is never really an appropriate time to do that)… People around us every day have needs that I know we can all meet… Food, Clothing, Shelter, Dignity and all of those things that we can provide with LITTLE cost to ourselves… (Sheep and Goats anyone?)

In the Western world we are all heading into a time of consumer culture at its best… Christmas is a time when Sony, Microsoft, Apple and all them other big brands fight it out for our casually and little-thought-out dollars… If I am to be really honest – I would prefer a Christmas where Tear Fund, World Vision, Oxfam, Childfund, Operation Christmas Child or any number of other charities that seek to save lives rather than dollars, were stocked up with all that they need… and all across our land would be empty trees and full hearts.

Christmas is also a time when those that have little family to call upon may feel at their loneliest. As we fill our Facebook walls and Twitter feeds with messages of what we are doing and the people we are doing it all with – spare a thought for those that might not know what a family Christmas might feel like. Never underestimate the love you can share by using your hands to tell the world around you that you care… This video kinda expresses that for me:


2 thoughts on “#351/365 – The Good Samaritan

  1. Love this post! Especially the part about someone from the Taliban helping out a Southern Baptist beaten by a Democrat:) Inspiring stuff!

  2. Thanks heaps Nicole… I was a teeny bit chuffed with that bit too… :)<br><br>How is the web development coming along?

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