#363/365 – Stop and smell the Dandelions


The lengths you have to go to for your art are seldom appreciated when you are only absorbed in a finished product… all the work that has gone on behind the scenes is never appreciated by those that only see what makes up the glossy veneer… There are so many areas of life where we celebrate the success of people, events or situations and never give thought to the hard yards that have been put in or the sacrifices that were made to get people to where they can be so successful. We celebrate the victory of a favourite team and give little thought to the hours of practice that must have gone in… we also have the arrogance to suggest that NOT ENOUGH practice went in if our team loses… We seemed very caught up in the destination, rather than giving appreciation for the journey that got us there!

I am a big fan of Celtic Women – a Vocal Group from Ireland – the sound of 5 women singing a tightly woven tapestry, a gloriously entwined rope of harmony and melody truly melts my heart… but I dare say that if they just showed up on the night and hoped for the best, it would be a totally DIFFERENT musical experience that would have the neighbourhood male cats thinking they were in with a chance that night…

To get this photo today I literally had to get myself into the poo… admittedly, it wasn’t a conscious choice, but something I discovered when I lay down in the long grass that has overtaken our back lawn… one of our neighbourhood moggies appears to have taken unsanitary “liberties” with our lawn and I happened to unknowingly make such a discovery when I chose that spot for a photo… But as in many times when we find ourselves in the poop… some good was able to come from it… poop is really good at growing stuff – the dandelions I was frolicking amongst are the better for a bit of poop in their world and it wasn’t really anything that a good warm wash-cycle couldn’t take care of!!! (Next I will be voting GREEN)… Sometimes when we stop to smell the “roses”/dandelions, we are going to find ourselves in the poop… there are many things that fight for our time and energy, and other people value their deadlines for our lives more than they value smelly lawn or dandelions… but I am ALWAYS going to try and appreciate the little things and trust that as I am taking care of the little things, the big things will sort themselves out too…

I will not be carrying on with my Photo project… it has never actually been about Photography… looking through a viewfinder has only ever been about interacting with the world around me and this has included some incredible opportunities over the last year. I hope that even if I end up smelling like the wrong side of the Cat’s digestive system, that I will have the ability to find something to smile about… It takes something special in this world to choose to see things positively – we are so quick to complain, to stand up for our “rights”… but I know this last year has helped me stop and smell the dandelions!


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