#364/365 – Pooped


I kind of feel like I have run the good race… fought the good fight and all that… and it is time to have a bit of a rest… I think I am going to enjoy having a bit of a life back in a couple of days… I have really enjoyed this project, but the pressure of having to get something sorted every day hasn’t been enjoyable…I think this has been like the time I climbed Mt Kinabalu in Borneo – it was hard going all the way to the top – there were times when I couldn’t be bothered, but also times when the journey was captivating… What I learned from climbing Mt Kinabalu was that the satisfaction of reaching the summit was a far greater achievement than the energy we expended getting there… we were stoked to have made the journey, and the destination was that much more enjoyable through having struggled to get there!I am sure you have times in your life when you can relate to this!?


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