#365/365 – I’m outta here…


Well… owing to having TWO day 225s in my photostream, I had my numbers all wrong and TODAY is actually my last 365 post!!! I actually just got a little tear in my eye writing that…

I have sought to achieve many things over the course of this project, but primarily to be a more active part of the world around me. Over the course of this year,:

  • I unveiled a pressing desire to get in touch with things that meant a lot to my father… and followed his steps to FIJI!
  • I also was challenged to take new opportunities for training and encouragement by travelling to LA – AND DID IT!!!

Many things have happened in my life this year and I have loved the opportunity to stop and smell the roses, to celebrate big and little things and to meet many people that have impacted me in many ways… As you look through the project in its entirety, you will see what it is I value in life – my family, my friends and the basic everyday stories of the people I have met and shared some life with…

I am not going to continue this project – to be honest, the photography has only been a tool that I sought to use to interpret the world around me… I may (or may not) be a better photographer, but I know that over the last year, I have been slowly and steadily crafted into a better person… thanks to all who have encouraged me with nice comments and also those that have given support. Thanks to my lovely WIFE and family for allowing me the time and energy to make this happen.

Let me know if anyone would like me to put a little photobook together…

Here is a slideshow of the pics!!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “#365/365 – I’m outta here…

  1. Nice effort!!<br><br>I'm going to have to find someone else now to give me a photo everyday!… I'm curious, how many attempts did it take for you to get that last shot, so the feet were just right 🙂

  2. Only about 12-15shots I think… Manual Focus is the key… and a timer-based burst of 3 shots… 🙂

  3. I haven't been here in awhile, so I didn't know you were done. Wow! Congrats. I have 5 more days:)

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