REVIEW: The Search for God and Guinness


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The Search for God and Guinness leads us on a journey that is not so much about BEER, as about how over history, some amazing people have sought to bring the hope of the Gospel in some very creative ways. As we consider how we interact with the crazy culture that we are surrounded by, we can definitely learn some lessons from the founders of Guinness. If we are to tangibly make a difference in the world, we need to firstly be concerned with serving the practical needs of the people we hope to reach. In Dublin, clean water was a concern, and many people were into VERY hard liquor, so the responsible path to take was to brew a beer that had healthy benefits and also addressed the social problems of drinking.I think we will truly be able to make a difference when we cease trying to be the morality police in our communities, and start radically meeting needs and showing people that they have a saviour that loves them no matter what stage of the journey they are on! Meeting people where they are AT, rather than where we want them to be is a pretty radical road for us to walk eh?This book review has been written as part of the Book Review Blogger programme through Thomas Nelson Publishing.


One thought on “REVIEW: The Search for God and Guinness

  1. Great post, It’s so true that we need to stop being the morality police, and start meeting needs.I was wondering if you would like to contribute this post and possibly others like it to our resource library ( We’re connecting with youth workers and pastors to encourage each other and help make the load a little easier to bear.Shoot me an e-mail with your response, -Taylor (

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