A new Photo Project!

Well – hot on the heels of my 33@50mm Photo-a-day project – a few friends and I have put together an idea that we are going to launch on New years day 2010…Collabor:8 is a similar idea to my 365, but 8 of us are going to provide the photos… I kinda like the idea of working with other people, and it relieves a lot of the pressure from having to come up with something new every day, to coming up with something new every 8 days. In theory, this means that the quality of the photos should be a whole heap better as there will be the best of the last week when it comes time to post a pic… we aren’t putting all the constraints on ourselves that I had in place when I did my project (like only using one lens or something)… and we don’t have definite set-in-concrete ideals about it all… it is simply just a bunch of people expressing the world around them through their photography!Make sure you check it out today at http://collabor8.posterous.com/ and make sure you add the feed to your RSS reader!Looking forward to your comments and support!Al


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