One mans draw is another man’s victory


So the All Whites have just bowed out of the world cup. I am so grateful that I saw all 270+ minutes LIVE and sitting on various couches across the country.I have to admit that I am not someone that had the patience or inclination to sit through a whole game of Football in the past unless it was something significant. In our neck of the woods, it doesn’t get any MORE significant than being on the world’s biggest footballing (if not Sporting) stage!!! In one sense I guess, I am a bit of a sell-out – a footballing “fair-weather-friend” so to speak. I don’t watch Phoenix games and owing to the fact that most sport on our telly is on Sky, I didn’t even watch the highlights of the the qualifying games for this world cup. Whilst Paston’s heroics and Fallon’s goal in the game against Bahrain were on the news and very awe-inspiring – I still wasn’t really qualified to be ‘into’ this world cup team.Something unique just happened to our country. In a country where we EXPECT our main code’s team to always win… we were getting excited about games with NO RESULT… we have drawn our way to international integrity in a soccer-mad world and as a nation, we are all pretty gosh-darned excited right now!I posted on my Facebook page that I was really excited to have my alarm set and get ready for the game… I had a comment this morning after the game was over, from someone who is English, pretty much expecting I would be ready to bungy offsomething without a cord… They were commiserating and feeling sorry for our “disappointment” which is pretty much the POLAR OPPOSITE of what is going down in NZ right now. If there is a ticker-tape parade for our guys – I’ll be there… if there is a male baby heading our way in the future, his middle name will most likely be Paston!!! Whilst our friends in England get exceedingly depressed in the absence of a winning national side – our team of under-paid, little-known journeymen have just shown the world that you can’t put Kiwis into a box. They can keep their prima-donnas with their too-rich-too-young culture of excess and expectation if I can keep my All Whites – who despite expectations have shown the world that HEART beats $$$ anyday! Noone will tell stories about Rooney’s next hairstyle (like you can do much with a number 2)… in our country, Names like Paston, Smeltz, Reid and Nelson will ring loudly from many a rooftop for years to come…Thanks All-Whites for something that has united a nation in sport and for showing the World that NZ has more heart than anyone else in the World Cup. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in something that isn’t cliche or business as usual – to be part of a script that had plot-twists and Good vs Italian Evil… You guys are awesome! 🙂


One thought on “One mans draw is another man’s victory

  1. Here is what I said to my English Friend:<br><br>"I would much rather watch a passionate team of what were supposed to be lesser men bow out with heads held high, than watch a bunch of over-paid self-absorbed prima donnas throw excuses as to why they aren't destroying their opposition."

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