Is it naughty to say this to the Wellington City Council!?

I got a stupid parking ticket when in Wellington. I was parked without displaying a parking receipt for the 3 minutes that I was parked before 6pm!!! I think this is absolutely disgusting and quite immoral of Wellington City Council! If we all stopped and said what time was on our watch – I think there would be more than a 3-minute variation. I looked at my watch after I had checked the time the meter applied and it said 6pm… So as far as I knew – I was ok!

Is it bad to say this to the city council bearing this in mind?

“I wish for you to consider canceling this parking infringement. I am actually quite gobsmacked that I would receive an infringement for not displaying a ticket ONLY THREE minutes before the rule would not apply. When I parked my vehicle in this parking space, the first thing that I did was walk to the parking meter and check the times that the meter was valid for – when I saw that it was until 6pm and that my watch said 6pm I was confident that I was parking legally! I think if you surveyed all the watches in your office, there would be very much a 3 minute variation amongst your staff…”

“To think that your parking wardens are swooping around waiting to purge my wallet of hard-earned cash for the sake of three minutes is actually quite gut-wrenching. $40 gives food to my  Tear-Fund sponsor child for a whole month… it would also feed 1/3 of an entire orphanage in Haiti for a day… I work for a Charity that develops life-skills and adventure-based learning experiences for boys across the country – $40 would pretty much cover a boy for ONE WHOLE YEAR in our programme.

I am not sure what valuable cause this would contribute towards in the Wellington City Council sphere of influence?”
What do you think? Would appreciate your feedback before I send it away!


One thought on “Is it naughty to say this to the Wellington City Council!?

  1. Hey Al,looks good except it comes across a little bit negative like you are using your profession to try and get out of it, (guilt trippin’) if you worded more that you actually believe that the time on your watch was the reason why you should not be fined, then they might look a bit more favorably. Especially if the worded communication is of a positive nature. I would also recommend instead of JUST saying what $40 would do, mention that if they cancel the $40 infringement you will donate the $40 to tear fund and send them a photo of the kid you donated the money too? that way you aren’t just getting out of it but they be a little more lenient in future with 3 mins left on the clock.If you look at the situation through their eyes, if a parking warden walks around the corner at 3 to 6 and sees a car with an expired meter, it is their duty in their Job to honour the hours they work (right up to 6.00pm) and to enforce what they are paid to enforce right up to that time. Also assuming the warden wasn’t stalking you, they probably wouldn’t know how long you had been there for. Although I agree that it is a bit on the nose, You should mention the fact to congratulate the warden for actually doing their job properly in this society where "5mins to go is good enough".I dunno something like that, just a couple of things that sprung to mind.Peace

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