Old Photos Live Long

I remember many of dad’s stories. That is to say, I can’t really remember the specific details, but I remember that there were many stories. Most of what I now know of Dad’s time in Samoa has come through his photos. I have a whole bunch of them which are mostly people and places… His workplace in Apia… lots of parties with expats and locals… Beaches and rivers and stuff like that… Some of them will be places I can visit and some of them will be lost in the changes that I am certain have happened in Samoa since the late 1950s and early 60s. Dad would have been in Samoa for the celebration of it’s independence from New Zealand. Probably a big part of why they were there, was to help the locals develop their own banking system… whatever the reason he was there, I know he had a lot of fun from his pictures…
Check out the Managerial style of this guy… quite “hands on” you might say (it’s not my Dad by the way).


I can’t imagine that this happens in many workplaces these days? If it happens at yours, then the helpline number is “0800 LESSTHANADEQUATEBEHAVIOURGEETHATSALOTOFLETTERSFORAPHONENUMBER”

One of the pictures I have stumbled across has really captivated me. My Dad was a lot of fun, he could ham it up with the best of them and had a razor sharp wit and could pull faces that disarmed any situation… I remember him singing and playing the piano to the craziest songs… particularly “Little Brown Maori Boy” which, in my mind, has unfortunately faded into a Mash-up with that nursery rhyme about the cat going to London and meeting the Queen. Back to the point, My dad had a way of connecting with people, particularly kids who thought he was the funniest guy ever… This is something that I think we have in common… We may have lived different lives in so many respects, but I know that we have so much in common with our desire to not take life so seriously!!! Here he is hanging out with a young lad on a beach in Samoa… I LOVE this picture SO much! 🙂 I wonder what caught Dad’s eye as it was being taken?


Taking something as simple as a Coconut and turning it into a way to have a laugh would have been Dad’s top priority I am sure… I wonder if he was eying up Export opportunities? If So, then we never saw much of THAT fortune!!! 🙂


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