Who is this Boy? A Social Media Experiment.

OK – So if someone yelled out “Who’s your Daddy?” right now, I would be able to say “The guy on the Left”… BUT I would LOVE to see if we can work out who this boy he is hanging out with is!!!???


The picture is from around about 1961. The boy looks about 6-8 or so – so he was probably born around 1954-55 or thereabouts. This would make him roughly mid-to-late 50s. Surely someone on Facebook or somewhere else knows this boy… Is it your Dad/Uncle/Brother/Grandad??? What are the chances we can find him in this world of Social Media and Online presence??? This would make an interesting little experiment!?

I have another pic of him too…


Pass this message on to all your Samoan Friends… let us see what we can find out!!! 🙂


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