FIJI FLASHBACK #1: Thoughts as I left for Fiji

As I think I mentioned in the first post of this little project, I would interweave some thoughts from when I went to Fiji last year. In all honesty, the trip to Fiji was pretty much my second option, as I never dreamed that I would ACTUALLY be going to Samoa… I had Airpoints and my family were going to Oz, so Fiji was an easy option! I wrote a journal when I went through Fiji with observations and reflections… so today I offer you my first installment. Transcribed from hand-written notes.


OK, so I am sitting at a familiar airport, surrounded by unfamiliar faces… I assume that the bulk of them are heading to the plethora of resorts dotted around the Fijian Islands! I am headed for 4 different backpackers hostels in 3 different towns around Viti Levu, knowing full well that my entire cost of accommodation will equal about what they are going to pay for a night… if noone else does, I like my style!


I am sitting here thinking all about what DAD must have felt like sitting somewhere in Auckland waiting to take off (note to self: find out where T.E.A.L Flying boats took off from in Auckland – Mechanics Bay?). He was probably quite excited, as at that point in his life he had already lived in Samoa for 3 years and had come back home to NZ to find that many of his friends and family had moved on with their lives. Mum mentioned to me once that this was quite a life-changing revelation for Dad. I can imagine the context of leaving for Fiji, was very different to when he left for Samoa.

The people around me are a mix of: families, people that look like Fijian locals heading home, and a bunch of backpackery types ready for Alcohol, Sun and Raves (oh joy of joys). Dad flew to Fiji in an era when Flying was a huge luxury… He was heading there to work for the Bank of New Zealand as a bank-clerk. I don’t think that a bank clerk would really be the type of person that had the means to travel anywhere on their own volition, so these trips to the Islands must have been super-exciting and quite an honour… I used Airpoints.

My flight is about to board… there is the usual RUSH to get to everyone’s pre-allocated seating… I have flown enough in the last 5 years to know that the mad trample never gets the plane off the ground any faster! My family however, will swear that I ALWAYS had to be first when travelling anywhere… Merv looked most dis-heartened the first time he picked me up from the Picton Ferry and I WASN’T the first out!!! My memory is a little “cloudy” on the issue!


Aboard flight FJ 410

The flight has been lovely… A delightful family sits around me… just the right recipe for the “missing-the-family-already” blues to kick in. The wee girl next to me has HUGE big blue eyes like Emily… CUTE! I have had fun telling her stories… Downside of the flight however has been the terrible video quality on the little telly and that I only got 3/4 of the way through Star Trek which I was enjoying! DOH! The food was ok though… which is the only reason we ever fly isn’t it???


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