Chasing Dad – a new project


So my family and I are heading to Samoa at the end of October to remember 10 years since my Dad passed away. I have started a blog on the process of researching what life was like for my Dad in Samoa… here is what I said in the ABOUT section of the project…

It is almost 10 years since my Dad, Adrian Charles Ronberg, finished at the losing end of a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. I can’t say that most of my memories of Dad are happy – since I was in my mid-teens until he died when I was just shy of 25, he was not the Dad that I entered the world with. He was kind of like that phase of the moon that is slowly become more of a slither of it’s fullness… there were enough bits there to know he was my Dad, but he definitely wasn’t fully “there”. Knowing Dad when I was a kid was a real treasure. He was a joker, a fantastic musician and instilled in me so much of that which makes me… “me”.I grew up a Pacific Islander… well… with stories of the Islands that Dad loved so much when he lived in Samoa and Fiji in the 60s. He spent 3 years in each Island and could regale you with many a story of life in the Islands. I have His lavalava and a few photos and keepsakes of his time in Samoa and Fiji… so with these in my hot little hands, I intend to head to Samoa in October with my Mum and Sister and our loved ones… and Chase my Dad… The real one… that loved life, and lived it in all it’s fullness… Not the broken one… That I lost all too soon…Follow me on this journey… and maybe we will find some cool things about those that we hold dearest. I see this opportunity as the Rear-View mirror as I drive forward in life… I know I am heading somewhere, but sometimes to appreciate where you are going, you need to spend some time glancing backwards…

I would really encourage you to head there and be a part of me Chasing the story of my Dad… 🙂


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