It’s moments like these you need… Minties or your Dad or something!

OK, gratuitous appeal to 80s nostalgia aside, it is moments of intense joy that often brings out just a little twinge of sadness when I think of all that I have really missed having Dad around for. Yesterday I became a Dad again… Chloe Jane came violently into our world and I am totally gobsmacked with love and adoration for this little bundle of cuteness… I love seeing Emily pour love on Chloe and I love seeing our family and friends excited about our new arrival!


But in all of this excitement, and particularly when I came home to an empty house and put Em to bed and sat down, dog-tired and probably a little emotional – I miss having Dad here. At my wedding, at the birth of Emily, and now Chloe – I miss sharing these special and sacred moments with my Dad. Seeing him ooh and aah and make silly faces… having him hold the girls and tell me he is proud of me… sharing a knowing look when we have seen the pain and sheer brute awesomeness that our wives experienced to bring such joy into the world. These times break me and remind me to not take anything for granted.

I got a comment yesterday on my facebook from someone that knows about this feeling. To bring kids into the world in the absence of one of your parents isn’t a tragedy, because in all honesty, stuff happens in life and we get by… but there is always a sense of “missing-out” when we have these special moments. I am grateful that I am not alone, that I have friends that know the gap that we have in our family at this time… but more than just knowing, they take the time to remind you that your Dad would have been proud, excited and all gooey!

I hope that wherever you are – you are being grateful for what you have… grateful for the people in your life and grateful for the land of opportunity that we live in… where Kids can grow up and achieve anything!

Here’s a trip down memory lane including the Minties ads I alluded to! 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s moments like these you need… Minties or your Dad or something!

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