Not so Bitter: A Bit more Sweet…

Father’s Day is always a little tricky… I LOVE having Emily, and now Chloe in my life for Father’s Day – they truly make me feel valued and excited about the future.
I think HOPE for the FUTURE is the real key with facing up to not having my Dad in my life anymore… Whilst I truly feel a bit ripped off by not having Dad around for Fathers Day, for my Wedding and now life with my kids – it is the hope for the Future that comes with BECOMING a father that keeps things in perspective for me… I truly think less and less about stuff from the past, because building a future with my kids is one awesomely cool journey!

Tonight I preached a message about the journey of my family and how I hope to make a difference in the world… The bottom line is that I have a choice… I can dwell on all the things that happened, the things that could make me bitter or twisted… or I can learn a hard lesson about life, and use this to make good of bad situations… The ironic thing for me is that all this tough stuff has been primarily the most useful thing in many years of working with young people.

I don’t want to overthink things today… I have just enjoyed a day spent with my wife’s family and being useful at church… so I will just take this time to say: Dad, I love you… I miss you like you could never know… and I hope that you would be more than stoked with the way your cheeky little fella turned out… May I bring joy to people’s lives as you did and may I always remember the good and pass on a legacy to my kids of a PA that would have been the best Grandfather in the history of all grandfathers…

Time doesn’t necessarily make things better… it just makes them different…


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