A Disclaimer: Well… A FEW Disclaimers…

The views expressed by a small bunch of insecure, racist bigots regarding the burning of Muslim holy books, ARE SO NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THOSE OF NORMAL, RATIONAL, LOVING Christians that seek to honour the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

I wish to distance myself from the actions of these troubled people and echo what I wrote on Twitter earlier by saying:

Burn your Qu’rans in the name of fear and ignorance… but PLEASE leave Jesus out of this!

Also… “THE MEDIA” – if you stay away, if you pay no lip-service to these RELIGIOUS nut-bars… ummm… noone would have known. Who is the greater fool – those that speak stupidity, or those that give them a platform to stand on!!!

This church has 50 people in it… I can find you another 10,000 churches with more people than that WHO NEVER MAKE THE NEWS, but change the world EVERY DAY…

I have many friends that work in media and also wish to make the disclaimer that this is not directed at them personally!!!

Oh… and I only speak for me… not my work, my wife, my kids… my church… none of them… these are just my thoughts so there!

This song is by Eli – it says lots of cool stuff.


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