The Card of Doom

OK… That may seem an emotive title and everything… but the card I am talking about was kinda devastating… It doesn’t LOOK devastating… it has a rather cute possum-like animal watercolour… but when you open it up, you find a letter from my Mum explaining that my Dad is too sick for her to care for anymore, and he is at this time now permanently placed in a Resthome in Nelson.

I had many plans for the future, usually quite lofty… but I can assure you, I never anticipated my time at Uni to have involved a bombshell like that! It is a surreal thing to consider your late 50s father in a rest-home!!! In saying that though, the rest home that Dad ended up going to in Nelson, was pretty awesome! But it still had that stale smell that to this very day brings the shudders when I go to a rest-home! There were plenty of entertaining moments that we can share with you – but the real crack up was another patient with Dementia who forever loved to strip… not at all something that I wish to recall in my worst nightmare!!! 🙂

One thought on “The Card of Doom

  1. I cried for five days before I took him into the resthome.It wast midday, on the day I took hi., The owner asked Adrian to go to the lounge room while he and i did the paper work. When i went along 20 minutes later your dad was dancing happily with an old lady. Why did i cry for all those days? He did know he was going in to the home: on the morning he was to leave us he looked down at his cat and said, ”Milly, it is not mum’s fault she has to put me in this place”. I was gobsmacked because he had no ability to ”understand” his environment/life or make intelligent conversation at that time but right when it most mattered he managed a lucid, well constructed sentence. It was a dark and dreadful morning for me.

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