What have I learned…

I have learned that parenting is hard… I can’t for the life of me imagine how some parents do it on their own… Our girls are awesome… they make my world an awesome place to be and I would do anything for them… but there are times when I feel overwhelmed with the task at hand… Times when I’m tired.. Times like today when you feel like the storm that we were expecting in the sky, is actually manifest in the life of our two year old…

But then I remember that the thing that will really teach my little girls something significant is me just sticking with it… Me having the guts to Man Up and keep working hard to make their life something significant. Most of what they will learn from me is not in the things I say, but by years of observing me in all situations. That is kinda why I think the legacy that my Dad left me is not found in diaries or any instructions to me – All the things I remember most about my Dad dwell intensely in his story.


Having had and lost a Dad, I am motivated to live a story that MY kids will want to pass on to theirs. The script for my Dad may have ended, but mine doesn’t have to have stopped with him. In fact, it is in those places where my Dad’s story intersects with mine, that he truly lives on.

4 thoughts on “What have I learned…

  1. Thanks for your honesty Al. My Dad is more than just my hero, he is my cheerleader, my example, my support… SO MUCH. (I even get a bit emotional thinking about how much he means to me, all because he loves me and has poured out his life for me). So from a girl who’s Dad cared enough to keep going when it was tough… it will all be worth it!!

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