I lost Dad in Foodtown

OK, so I didn’t actually LOSE him in Foodtown, but I WAS shopping in Foodtown when the news about Dad dying came in from Mum. We had known it was coming, and more than likely it was going to happen on that day! I had been twiddling my thumbs all day and had the much sought after responsibility of doing the Flat shopping… so at 9pm after hearing nothing – I toodled off to Foodtown in Greenlane.

Whilst reaching for Custard (and I don’t joke) my Cellphone rang and it was Mum… Dad had finally passed away. 8 weeks earlier I had received a similar call… Dad had developed a Blood infection and we were told that he had 4 days to live. At that moment I was at Home Group surrounded by people that cared about me and could give me support… Pushing a trolley through Foodtown is not really where I had planned to be told that Dad had died…

In the old days, I would only have been able to find out AT home… unless of course the Carrier Pigeon was clever enough to work out where I was… But the advent of portable telephony has meant that many people probably receive news they would rather not hear whilst on the move. Think how many 14 year old boys are currently crying because they have just received a text message from some heart-breaking minx…

Losing my Dad has been one of the hardest and enduring events in my life… so for those of you that are hurting right now, I offer you this song:


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