Fiji Flashback #5: Suva ain’t so bad… (with pictures)

OK Suva, maybe I was a little bit hard on you… I have worked out exactly what the problem was… Caffeine withdrawal! Thankfully this morning I stumbled across a little place called “Java Cult” on the main street. You walk in to a real “Urban” style of decorating and look out at local buses, Suva’s only Heritage Listed building and the Sea… Friendly staff and the coffee was a welcome tonic in the ongoing absence of a quality caffeine hit… The owners of Java Cult were absolutely lovely, had spent some time living in NZ and gave me some awesome ideas for researching some bits and bobs about Dad. They suggested the ANZ and National Archives and the Fiji Times etc.. totally above and beyond the call of duty for a coffee shop!!!


This afternoon I went to the Fiji Museum. There was the ongoing record of the origins and history of Fijian Culture, not at all dissimilar to the Pacific Display at Auckland Museum… No history of Colonial Fiji however, so not much to whet the “Finding Dad” appetite to be honest… I think in just a week it would be a minor miracle to actually stumble across anything useful to be honest… I may head back another time with a bit more time up my sleeve… although in saying that, I think that this trip hasn’t necessarily been about “Finding Dad” so much… more about CONNECTING with Dad. I can now put a place in so many stories… I don’t have to imagine what it would be like to head out into a lagoon on a lunch break when I have seen lagoons (and eaten lunch). Dad’s stories of living in Fiji and Samoa have fuelled an appetite within me… they have encouraged me to be INVOLVED in the world around me… To take each oppurtunity to learn a little bit more about other people and cultures… to try to see THEIR world through THEIR eyes and know that I am the better for it…


I have been reading back through what I have written in this journal so far and I realised I have negelcted to mention that I saw the BIGGEST road-kill of my life on the trip over from Nadi… A HORSE that had died in such a way that it almost looked as if it had died of shock at being tipped over… four VERY straight legs in typical rigor mortis enduced statuesque form… all speeding by in a totally surreal moment… well as much as 60km/hr can be seen as “speeding by”!!! I would hate to be the wealthy tourist who scored THAT sight just outside their resort, let alone the ones who had it just outside their bathroom window!

Tonight a few of us from the hostel are going to a Jazz night at one of the bars in town… should be interesting as I can count on just 2 hands the number of fair skinned people I have seen in Suva so far… so a night out might be very educational on how they let their hair down here… I ACTUALLY have photos of Dad out and about in bars around Fiji… it might just be that his name might be carved in my table eh? Will keep you posted.

I am pretty excited about heading North tomorrow… will be nice to base myself on a Fijian island for a couple of days!!! I haven’t really taken any stereotypical pics of anything Sunsetty or stuff like that, so landscape photographer Al is now in Fiji… can’t have lugged the tripod over for nothing!!!

Here is a little Suva Slideshow 🙂



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