Treasure them…

Dad is buried in Palmerston North and I have just spent the last few days here with work. I have been crazy busy but l took some time out to visit his grave. I decided to take a pic of my girls out to his grave… I have mentioned before that one of the toughest things about losing dad… is knowing what he is missing out on!To those of you who have lost someone far too soon, I pray that there are people around you to give you that extra squeeze when you need it. I bumped into someone I used to know very well, and she recently lost her mum. Her Mum was an absolute legend and I still have a card from her somewhere from when Dad died… There was so much I wanted to say to my friend, but circumstances aren’t such that it was an option… I will content myself however, with sharing the happy memory of a lady that was very kind, accepting and caring to me and whom I look back with incredibly fond memories. It saddens me that we lose people and especially ones as incredibly wonderful as my friend’s mum!To those of you with your parents still around – please make sure you do all you can to treasure them. I don’t know what “stuff” you have been through or if things have been really sweet – I hope that nothing is so crazy that you can’t value having your parents in your world. I feel ripped off at times without a kick-ass “Pa Ronberg” in my girl’s lives… but they have an awesome Oupa and Poppa Merv… but you get my gist!Only one more week and I will be heading off to Samoa. I am so excited, but super-emotional. I have recently been hit with a dose of Glandular Fever and I feel pretty vulnerable right now… Time will heal and so will a bit of summer sun, time away from work and time focusing on my family life…

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