I am not much of a fan of white-tail spiders (Al’s Revenge)

So I am outside working my bum off… Just minding my own business and working on some building projects… When along comes this MENACING and HORRIBLY POISONOUS White-Tail Spider… Here he is the ugly little blighter…


So after I had screamed in the style of a scaredy-cat little girl for a while, I resolved myself to turn into a white-tail-spider-seeking assassin… I mean, it would be rude not to, and if killing spiders does indeed bring rain, I am sure the farmers wouldn’t be upset… A few Aucklanders might be tempted to miss their latte if it rained, but that was a price I was willing to pay!

Here is the BRAVE and MANLY ME taking care of this menace to society:

So you can imagine after such a traumatic event, that I would be justified in heading off to the local for a drop of dutch-courage… 🙂 What do you hate enough to make a 10-minute Blog Post about?



4 thoughts on “I am not much of a fan of white-tail spiders (Al’s Revenge)

  1. Bees… I’m so afraid of bees and take great pleasure in ridding the world of one more bee.. Go you with the spider, hate these horrible things! Turns out I’m very allergic to their bites too!

  2. and after that spray it ran away? Why did you spray it anyway, you had a hammer handy – just smush it ;)@Nicola – you should never kill bees, bees are essential for flowers, honey, gardens etc

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