A letter of Apology: Al’s Oops

11 January 2011


Palmerston North Central Baptist Church
190 Church Street
Palmerston North


To Whom it May Concern,

Please find attached some books that I seem to have “acquired” over the years… as it is some 14 years since I left Palmerston North and CB, I assume that they haven’t been missed as I have passed a few credit rating checks and nothing seemed to come up. This is obviously because the church is promoting an atmosphere of grace in the face of true repentance! If it is any consolation, I have since leant out many books and CDs myself, and many of them have also gone missing… This is obviously because am being done as I have done unto others…

My apologies for not really fulfilling clause number 3 and definitely not fulfilling clause 4 on the little card holder inside the front covers… Unless of course we factor in ETERNITY, in which case 14 little years would definitely be classed as “prompt”.

I hope that these books can take on a new lease of life, although I have a sneaky suspicion that they were out of date significantly when I borrowed them – but you never know!

Sincerely yours,


Al Ronberg


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