An Afternoon in the Pararaha Stream.

Went out on an awesome tramp with my lovely wife, her sister, her bro’s GF and our friend Charlotte… it was a STUNNING day and the tramp was a great mix of water-trekking and waterfall playing. I provided entertainment in the process of learning many things:

1:) I learned I am not 20 anymore. Distances I can jump are a little less these days… but my confidence still remains high. I think the phrase for this goes something like: My ego’s writing cheques, my body can’t cash… I did however work out I can jump about 2.05m with a backpack… Unfortunately the distance I needed to jump was about 2.10m… I now have grazed hands and a developing bruise on my hip where it had a little encounter with the rock on the other side of the river…

2:) I learned that I would make a terrible Human Barnacle. My ability to cling on to any surface is actually not existent… I climbed down a waterfall and decided to skim around the rockface to check out the walk ahead… about half-way around I just lost al foot, hand and teeth-holds and slid down into the depths. Cost of this exercise was 1 pair of sentimentally valuable sunglasses and the cut on my shin that you will see in the pics! 🙂 Apparently it was incredibly funny… It was all a bit surreal to be honest!

I highly recommend this tramp – it isn’t easy, but it is a lot of fun. We were clambering up waterfalls, and into deep pools and it was the perfect day to be doing such things!!! If you are keen, let us know cos we don’t need much excuse to go back again!!!



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