A challenge shouldn’t be achievable if u want it to be a challenge!

I am easily restless. This is often frustrating for those close to me I am sure, but I like the idea of life being a touch chaotic!

Another thing about me is that I am not particularly active… Not that I am morbidly obese or anything, but I could definitely do with some regular form of exercise… This would have obvious effects on my health, but also would serve to get Christine off my back about my ever-changing stomach profile!

So if you add to this the fact that I don’t really thrive on little achievable goals… My latest idea is a bit of a doozy!!! Here we go…

I am planning to complete the Speights Coast to Coast race this time next year! With the aid of modern technology like my iPhone 4, I can track my progress as I run further, faster and higher!!!

I kind of like having one-year projects… Over most of 2009 I did my photo a day project which was awesome… Last year it was blogging all the shows that I got to see as part of the Edge’s Kiss my arts project. So a one year project that prepares me for an incredible and challenging ordeal, will be life-changing. As usual, I would hate there to be no beneficial reason for me to do this, so I would appreciate your support and ideas as to how to leverage this idea to make the world a better place… I would love to represent a charity or cause and there are a few close to my heart…

Another idea I have is to blog the journey from aging couch-potato, twitter and social media addict… Into a respectable Mountain Athlete! If you know any businesses that would like to help me reach my goal and in return, have me talk about my experiences to the non-athletic crowd… Then let me know… It would be awesome if a gym or something wantedto sponsor a membership… Or a mountain sports company might want to help put somehow… This could be an awesome opportunity to encourage those that are less active, to have a go!!! Please send any interested parties my way!!!

I am also hoping to have others on the journey… So training partners and all that jazz would be cool!!!


One thought on “A challenge shouldn’t be achievable if u want it to be a challenge!

  1. Go for it …. life’s challenges are all worth doing, the planning and the execution of them. Go and do it. xxx

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