In Another Life

I was a Development Manager for a charity that ran programmes for boys. The problem wasn’t finding boys to have a great time with a quality programme tailored to their unique learning and recreational needs – it was finding MEN to volunteer to run the programme. Melody mentioned the immasculation of our society and I think I am inclined to subscribe to that idea… we see the knee-jerk reaction of men is to invest heavily into the stereotype they have been allocated – louts, lads, loafers, lazy and other assorted L-words. There is also the problem of the perception of Men working with kids – there is a negative stereotype and corresponding fear that men experience when thinking about volunteering with kids.

At the end of the day, I want to be a part of the solution than deny there is a problem – I am a product of the Fatherless home myself, and I have managed to carve a way forward based on the quality male role-models like Ryan and Pat that I have had in my life…

There is a great charity in the States started by Donald Miller called the Mentoring Project – they hook fatherless kids up with Mentors and lots of great work ensues – the CEO of this organisation wrote a great book called The Fatherless Generation (John Sowers)… if you want to get to the heart of this problem, get your hands on a copy, and then get involved with kids that need MEN to be Men in their life!


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