Dads and Daughters…

There are many things that I can claim to be an expert in… Like… Ummmm… Well…

OK… So there aren’t many things that I can claim to be an expert in at all – and top of the list of things I am confoundedly clueless about is probably Raising Daughters.

I can’t say that after 9 years and now 3 little Frozen-Loving, Disney-Princess-pretending Prima-Ballerinas, that I am any closer to having a clue about what on earth I am supposed to do as a Dad to this lot. They speak a different language in a different tone of voice and love things that are pink… although I think we may actually be in a Turquoise phase right now.

Girls are actually quite amazing… they do things like hug, cuddle and they actually think that everything I do is amazing… I can pour a glass of water from a jug and it will be the best glass of water that anyone on earth has ever had the pleasure of providing. I can put a dollop of hair-product in and you would swear that my girls think that I have just booked a cover for some kind of Metrosexual men’s mag (I would like credit for not actually being able to name one!). These little cherubs think I am pretty sweet and they really don’t expect much in reply… They teach me more about unconditional love than I am sure I could ever teach them!

I am under no illusions – I am completely aware that this season is short – that soon enough they will appear to have attendedĀ lessons in appropriate angles to roll one’s eyes, at anything that pops out of your father’s lame-joke bag of tricks… So I am very keen to maximise the moments that still mean that, to three little angels in Auckland, I am a hero. To them, I am a super-star – someone to be proud of and someone that can be relied upon to make their friends smile.

I think I just realised how much I will miss this season – and how much I will need to remain their faithful, fun and loving Dad in the years to come. I also need to remind myself of how lucky I am to have these beautiful souls in my world, and how much I need to invest myself completely in helping them navigate what lies ahead.

If you are a Dad and you are reading this – know how valuable to the future mental health and sense of well-being and self-esteem of your Daughters you truly are. In fact – maybe it isn’t even about knowing what to do… Maybe it might just be a case of knowing who to be… What kind of an influence do I need to be? What expectations about Men do I want to promote through the way that I treat them… Maybe I am not doing that bad after all… I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas around this!




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